As lockdown and spending our time indoors continues, why not embark on a few less-obvious cleaning projects? Here are some of the overlooked areas of the house.


Ceiling Fans

Your ceiling fans collect dust like no other, and they most likely have not been turned on during the winter months. You’ll want to avoid covering the room in dust when you turn your fans on in the coming months. Here’s a surprisingly quick way to clean them.



Cleaning the fridge shelves and drawers is something that usually only gets done once in a while. If it’s been a while since you gave your fridge a deep clean, be sure to wash shelves and drawers in warm soapy water.


Storage Areas

We all know somewhere in the house there’s a storage area, whether that be a room or closet, that’s full of stuff you’ve been meaning to declutter or even throw away. Why not spend the day going through your storage areas and find ways to make more space.


Knife Blocks 

Your knives may be clean and sharp, but what about your knife block? If you own one, the deep slots are the perfect place for mould and bacteria to live, especially if your knives are not fully dry before you put them back in. Here’s a great way to clean your knife block.


Oven and Microwave 

These are two appliances that most often become neglected over time. Why not disinfect and remove any grease from your oven and microwave.