1. Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Vacuum cleaners have come a long way since the big and heavy models produced in the past. We have seen them getting smaller and even cordless over the last decade. Most recently however is the robot vacuum, a vacuum that is small, cordless and does the majority of the cleaning by itself. The robot vacuum cleaners are quite impressive - they detect obstacles and dirty areas that need to be cleaned more thoroughly and some models even connect to Wi-Fi for easy control. There are many different brands out there, but the best in performance and reliability is iRobot and Eufy. In terms of price, iRobot’s vacuums start at €250. Eufy’s start at €200.




2. Robot Mops

Just when we thought technology couldn’t replace more of the jobs we do around the house, the unassuming mop has a challenger ready to take its place. The challenger in question is in fact a robot mop which, just like a robot vacuum, will clean and polish your floors at the push of a button. The robot mop is perhaps a better option if you have hard floors, and most models come with different cleaning settings depending on the type of hard floor you have. iRobot produces a range of robot mops starting at €250.




3. Robot Window Cleaner

You finally decide to clean those windows. You dig out your squeegee, grab a cloth and a window spray and get to work. Everything looks great until later that evening, when you begin to notice streaks and marks all over your windows. We’ve all been there. Introduce the robot window cleaner, a device that uses suction technology to remove stains and clean your windows. We found that the Gladwell Gecko and Hobot range are effective models.




4. Blind Brush

If you have venetian blinds in your home, there’s no doubt you’ve had trouble cleaning them. Instead of cleaning down each individual blind, a blind brush will help clean in between multiple blinds at a time.




4. Power Scrubber

Have you ever had the tedious task of re-grouting your tiles? Bleaching the faucet to remove stains? Or even struggled to remove stubborn grease from the oven? A power scrubber may just be the tool you need. The scrubber features a rotating bristle head that does all the cleaning for you - no elbow grease needed!