Malaga has a number of great wellness centres offering massages and a range of different therapies, so why not treat yourself to a relaxing afternoon at one of Malaga’s finest wellness centres this summer.



  1. El Hammam Open & Spa


Located in a traditional Spanish building in the heart of Malaga, El Hammam Open & Spa is a traditional Arabic bath that offers space to relax, traditional Turkish massages, and other treatments. This spa is the perfect place to disconnect and switch off from every day life.

You can find out more information on their website:



  1. Hammam Al Andalus

Although they share a similar name, the Hammam Al Andalus and El Hammam Spa are two different wellness centres that often get confused.

Hammam Al Andalus has 3 different traditional arabic baths; cold water, warm water and hot water, and offers steam and massage rooms.

Hammam Al Andalus is consistently rated as one of the best wellness centres on the coast, and is the perfect place to de-stress.

Their website is here




3. La Cala Spa

Set on the beautiful La Cala golf course, the La Cala Spa is a great place to unwind with plenty of massages, facial treatments and body rituals on offer, as well as hydrotherapy.

Packages are available that include lunch or dinner after your experience.

For more information, visit:

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